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Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Notice:

We’re in uncertain times. What is certain?  No time is good (especially now) to be without health insurance or have the wrong kind of plan. We are ready to cover this crisis well and I’m here for you.

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Carl J Johnson

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– It feels like I’m in deductible quicksand.  Everything goes toward my deductible!

– My health insurance premiums feel like another mortgage payment

– I’ll Never use anywhere near what I will spend over the years on health insurance

Shawn, Bryant ArDOG BITE
“I was Bit by my neighbor’s dog, I went to Urgent Care. My bill was paid in full and I got 2 checks totaling almost $500.” I jokingly said I was going to bite my other hand and go back.


FREE Teladoc
FREE Teladoc
Stay home/avoid clinics with a house CALL. No monthly cost/never a copay. Especially during Covid-19 this is a priceless benefit!

 Discount Drug Cards
Discount Drug Cards
Prescription medicines can be so expensive! We can help you with our discount cards and in most cases payment for medicines as well.
 Receive $$$
Receive $$$
Quite often you will have your bill paid in full and receive a check above that. Especially with doctor visits. NO COPAYS!
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Tom, Maumelle, Ar 11/2019A VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER
I got my first check. Still have no idea how this works. Smiley face and copy of a $188 check for surgey with bill paid in full first.


1- Schedule Brief Call
2- We Find a Personalized Plan For You
3- Enjoy Better Coverage With Greater Freedom

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$28,000 in 2019. We had no out of pocket including our deductible. If we had our previous Obamacare plan, we would have paid over $15,000 out of pocket in 2019.

Marcia 01/15/20

My wife went to a specialist and after about a little over a week we received a check for $100. Bill paid in full – no money out of our pocket. I tell everyone about my plan experience!

Russell 02/10/2020

These days people just don’t do the little things that you do for me and your other customers. It seems to be too much. But thank you for all you’ve done for me, the extra.

Gwen 04/08/20

I saw my doctor for an ear ache. I just showed my card, no copay. I received mail from my insurance company. Sure it was a bill, to my surprise – a check for $110 with my bill paid in full.

Vicki 02/25/20

I’ve been telling everyone how great it was considering how insurance worked in the past. I paid $0 at the doctor and $72 for 3 meds. I received a check for $152. Definitely came out ahead!

Cyndee 02/21/20

I called Teladoc. I had a rash. He looked at it and told me I had shingles. He prescribed my med over the phone. and I didn’t have to even visit a clinic with a bunch of sick people.

Pat 02/25/20

I had a colonoscopy. They found a polyp. My bill was paid in full and I received a check for over $3100. My friend was envious as she paid out of her pocket for the same exact thing.

Marcia 09/25/2019

Your Health Plan Expert MISSION

Finding an affordable health plan shouldn’t feel like a complicated maze with huge premiums and high deductibles. I guide people to their PERSONALIZED plan so they can use their valuable time for what matters most to them!

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Price Transparency and Hospital Abuse

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